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    It can be a lot of work to improve your aim. Training is only one part. The other part is to KNOW what you are doing. I went to some trouble to improve my aim and want to share the best practise in this aim-guide.

    If you play different shooters it is important that the aiming is always the same behaviour. A 180° movement in the game(s) should always require the same mouse movement distance.

    There is something called “muscle memory”. I am not primary talking about “Krav Maga” muscle memory training – but it is the same principle. Your muscles actually can memorize your movements. It takes about 8 Weeks to train your muscle memory if you do it 1h a day. Constantly at least 1h a day is much better than two 4h days on the weekend.


    Three settings influence your mouse behaviour:

    • Windows Mouse Settings
    • DPI-Settings of the mouse (mouse driver)
    • Mouse sensitivity in the game itself (game settings)

    Windows Mouse Settings

    If possible, remove or disable the windows setting. Always disable the mouse smoothing because
    some games have problems with it. In CS:GO you can enable the “raw mouse input” so the Windows Settings don't interfere with your settings. Most modern games ignore the windows settings anyhow – but it is worth a look if “raw input” or “direct input” can be set.



    400 to 800 DPI are totally fine to have an aim accuracy of exactly one pixel. Actually my aim was a lot worse with a higher dpi mouse because of a frustrating fumbling sessions with the settings.

    Mouse sensitivity in the game itself (game settings)

    But the best comes for last:

    With this website, a ruler and a pen you can choose the game you want and calculate the best settings for you! This website was a total breakthrough for my aim!



    For CSS get the Map “training_aim3” and your aiming will improve A LOT!!!
    For CS:GO the Map is called “training_aim2”.

    Another good training ( you can also do in-game) is to aim for a fix-point and move around while keeping the aim on this point. If you record a demo you can later see how good you where.

    Speaking about demos: Record demos and see how you improve your aim. For me taking A HALF EXTRA SECOND to aim and not shoot right away like a headless chicken was a milestone.

    I know this guide seems very basic and you already knew 80% of it - but sometimes it is good to have the basics right.

    Happy Hunting!
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