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    If it annoys you to have a "missing texture" when you open your options Counter Strike: Source, but you still haven't solved the problem, then this tutorial is for you !

    Nothing complicated, I will make as explicit as possible

    I will treat it in 2 points :

    1 - How do you know if you have this problem ?
    2 - How to fix it.

    1 - The problem occurs when you click on the "Options" tab of the game Counter Strike: Source.

    If you are equipped with the console you can see a message in red :

    *** Encountered VTF file with an invalid minor version!
    *** Encountered VTF file with an invalid full header!
    Error reading texture header "materials/vgui/resource/mic_meter_dead.vtf"
    *** Encountered VTF file with an invalid minor version!
    *** Encountered VTF file with an invalid full header!
    Error reading texture header "materials/vgui/resource/mic_meter_live.vtf"

    If you are not equipped with the console, the problem can be observed when you go to the "Voice" tab in the options :

    The pink and black squares indicate a missing texture, this can also happen on some maps in game.

    2 - As you can see, the error message indicates 2 missing textures :

    Error reading texture header "materials/vgui/resource/mic_meter_dead.vtf"
    Error reading texture header "materials/vgui/resource/mic_meter_live.vtf"

    To fix these errors, just go to the following folders :

    C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Steam \ Steamapps \ Common \ Counter-Strike Source

    Once arrived in this last file, it is necessary to create a folder "materials" (normally no file doesn't have this name here, if it is already the case click just on this one), in this folder "materials", add a folder "vgui", in this folder "vgui", add a folder "resource"

    This will give you : C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Steam \ steamapps \ common \ Counter-Strike Source \ materials \ vgui \ resource

    And in this folder you add the following VTF : mic_meter_dead.vtf and mic_meter_live.vtf *

    * Click here for download link (WinRAR folder) OR available in attachment file on this message ↓

    Once all these manipulations done, you willn't have any more error messages and here is the final result :

    I hope I have helped some, I saw messages about this problem on another forums but no solutions have been proposed. Feedback are welcome !

    I like when things are well done, having this message bored me. I found the solution, and it works !

    WARNING, I'm not saying that everyone has this problem, but I think this problem appeared when Counter Strike: Source was derived in the "common" folder. I have this game since 2009, maybe the problem has been solved for new buyers.

    Thanks for reading,


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