Rejoining - when?

Discussion in 'Offtopic' started by Captain Morgan, 29 Jan 2019.

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    20 Nov 2018
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    Hi - I have a question.

    When is it ok to rejoin the server again?

    When my boss is comming , I leave game via F10, but if bozz just walks past me, I can join again.

    So the question is: how long time will be fair, before I can rejoin a server?

  2. NoMatt3r

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    26 Mar 2012
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    Hello Captain Morgan,

    your question is based on our rule "Do not reconnect to avoid death or playing as zombie." which we punish for when we see this rule being broken. We don't have a specific amount of time (e.g. in seconds) to determine whether a player reconnected or not. A good rule of thumb to reconnect are 60 seconds up to 120 seconds or the next round which can be around 180 seconds to be more or less safe of being punished. It's an individual decision by the admin and the situation when somebody reconnects. Overall, you should avoid to reconnect in general.

    I usually don't punish players when they reconnect and stay in spectator for some time (a couple of rounds). I also do not mind players reconnecting while being alive and not being in any dangerous situation where they could get killed. But this is my personal point of view and does not apply to the decisions of other admins and cannot be relied on when another admin is punishing for something i wouldn't.

    All in all, we want to maintain a fair gameplay and you could ask yourself how fair it was when you disconnected from the server in that specific situation. Would you want and allow such a player to reconnect? Or should this player take a break?

    Best regards!
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