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    Hey, i have a simple question to all of you, what is your story? Why did you start playing css/csgo and zombiemod/surf and how did you end on EH/Go-Free servers and in this community?

    My story is simple, i played zm back in around 2009-2011 then i switched to different game mods, i have been across everything in CSS, deathrun, mg, competitive, ffa, trikz, sliderace, ka_soccer and so on, i played ka_soccer a lot in 2012-2013 then i met Sajco and Strike on a server called knifekickers paradise (ka_soccer) and they were admins at the time and introduced me to zombiemod, i fell in love with it and applied for admin in October 2014 and got accepted 1st November.
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    I started playing CS:S by the referral of my older brother many years ago (2011), it was the ordinary game mode mostly which I used to play. Since the first day, I fell in love with CS:S, it was my favorite PC game and it STILL is beside some FIFA.
    I started with non-steam version of CS:S supported by Setti community which has had a few servers on which I loved to spend my spare time. Sadly it got abandoned more and more day by day so I had to find some other server(s) to play on. I found an awesome zombie mod server and in the short period of time I got used to play on it. Sadly, this server got abandoned as well (day by day it had less players). After it got abandoned I switched from CS:S to SAMP (GTA San Andreas Multiplayer) on which I've spent many hours (months actually) of gaming. After that, real-life obligations came onto my path so I had a fewer spare time for gaming. I quitted SAMP and I have decided to check on CS:S again and in the server list I found a well populated Zombie Mod server (Elite HunterZ V3). That was in December 2016 - since then I played regulary and became an admin in February 2017. A few months later I've suddenly quitted CSS and everything else as I had some health issues which had to be solved. Now and then I join the EH servers to spend some well time. That's mostly it in short :)
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    I remember watching my old best friend play CS 1.6 and CS:S when I was a kid, like 10-11 years old. (Around 2005)
    I started CS:S myself at the age of 11-12, so that's over 12 years from today. Holy christ.
    I was never really into 'normal' css, or deathmatch. When I started I mostly played on GunGame servers or fy_poolparty servers.
    I really can't remember what came after or in which order, but just like Havoc, I've also been playing lots of different mods. (MiniGames, Deathrun, Jailbreak(hosties), ZombieEscape, ZombieMod, Scotknivez<3, Surf, ....)
    Then this must be mentioned seperate, WarCraft mode for regular CS:S or even ZombieMod, yea fuck that was a fun thing to play!

    I also worked as i3D Admin, I can't really remember for how long or which years, but lets say for about 2 years. (And damn I made many applications there and damn I was happy when I got accepted.)
    Then when EH was just a brand new community, I also started to work here as an admin, and not long after I did leave i3D to focus more on EH.
    I've been kicked, what twice? or 3 times? From EH due to inactivity. There was a time I remember when I totally lost interest in CS:S. And another time when I found out about a finnish jailbreak server and started to really enjoy playing there.
    After the finnish jailbreak server got shut down, I found this other community that had an english jailbreak server and I really had some fun playing there.
    Then ... *krhm* ... Dota2 ...
    I really got hooked into Dota 2 when I first started it. I just had a 15 month break from playin Dota, and re-started to play this game like about ~ 1 month ago.
    Yeah that's my story.
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    all i remember is, i played css for long time since like 5+ years ago and ofc i love zm so much i saw this video on youtube and i was like oh this server looks cool i finally found this community and have been playing ever since.

    The end :)
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    I guess I can share my story. Although I shall keep it brief, since it would be quite a long bit of text otherwise! In any case, here it goes!

    In the early years before 2006, I played a cracked version of CS 1.6 that my uncle got for me, because I had just gotten a new computer and wished to play something different. But, at that point, most of my time was spent on a game called "Runescape" which I played excessively every day. But on the side CS was my go to as I was already in love with first person shooters. Come the year 2006 and that very same uncle purchases me a copy of CS:S along with a steam account which I have used till this day. Everything felt so new and fresh, and I was instantly addicted to it! The world of community servers was lovely and I first began playing on a community server run by a clan called NiF. Eventually I became their member and also started playing CS:S competitively in the EU league. On the side, I played a lot of climb servers.

    But a few things happened and my time with NiF came to a sad end. However, if that had not happened, it would likely not result in me ending up where I am today. Now suddenly without a "home" I began searching where I could settle down. I was restless after what had occurred and nothing sat right with me. But I somehow stumbled upon an i3D Hosties server, which was incredibly populated, and very strict. After more research I discovered just how large the community was and I instantly wanted to be a bigger part of it. That inadvertently already set my path towards the start of EH. Being accepted into the Hosties admin team and later on getting access to the rest of the servers, I discovered zombiemod and escape, which became the number one favorite thing to play for me.

    By this point I had already been friends with Nikooo777 and Salem and knew a couple of other individuals such as Xylon who was an i3D admin even before I was. If I remember correctly. I also met EH Rocky on these servers and with that Koboldmaki also. Which brought me to the EH server which existed back then in those times. All the clan members were bad-ass and I absolutely loved it, so I wanted to be a part of it. But just after I finally got accepted, the server we had, went down. By this point, I was no longer at i3D.

    And thus, Nikooo along with Salem began building the foundations of the new server which is even till this day more or less known as V1. Alongside with me, helping out the best I could. And so, it all began, expanding into a large community with a tremendous playerbase and to my great happiness, still going strong, even today. I love this place, I am proud of it and it will forever be my home, where my family resides.

    Kind Regards

    Elite HunterZ AsH

    P.S: These pics are from November, 2009!

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