[Winter Xmas] Players, give me your ideas for the next Christmas!


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10 Apr 2021

Hello everyone.​

I start a new post here, and of course, everyone are welcome to answer!​

Much peoples appreciates the server, and the feedback on the Halloween theme was very nice, a real pleasure for me, so I will make the following maps in Christmas version:

- zm_azduextinction

- zm_lila_panic_revisited

- zm_cloud

- zm_eh_palace_final

- zm_eh_prison_tower_edited

- zm_dust.

Surely other maps will probably be added.

However, I am not posting this by accident...
If you, players, have decoration ideas that you would like to share and see, it would be a pleasure! A photoshopped banner for the Elite Hunterz server in the Christmas theme? It will be my pleasure!
Decoration ideas? Events such as 4way with Santa's claus traune? A Christmas UFO giving presents?

Any idea is welcome.
A small reference that you would like to see? (Whether it's a dancing character?)

However small the idea you have, I'm listening to everyone.

I will put here updates of maps / and your ideas.
That's good... I'm starting to work on the zm_eh_palace_final map. It's not finished but I'll leave you with a little preview to give you a taste of next year.


Little preview... I forgetting a lot of thing.​

What if you get your skin completly glow and (any color) ?​

What if you eat a candy and... he gave you some extra heal ?​

What if you open a gift... what you will get ?​

All of that is on my futur project for more fun and ofc... hunting!


(Sorry for my bad english).

Example of Idea I created myself (It's not too much)

- New texture about vending machine! (Edited with photoshop and blender).


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10 Apr 2021

Update from PALACE, here some pictures.
  • 4 Songs
  • 4 Items (3 Zombie / 1 Human).
  • 1 Special Event (Only in Admin room).
  • Added new textures created by an IA. (Awesome textures).
  • More new decals / decorations.

Pictures :

Video about the Special Event (Admin). (Snow Storm)