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    Thank you man! :D

    Thank you man! :D
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    the official spam thread

    I see it's been a while since anybody has posted here! I thought I'd go ahead and say hello! And mark my 1000th post!
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    Denied+ Abuse Report: lotus

    It's good that you ask. You have broken the following two rules(in this scenario); Rule number 3 - No NSFW content: Talking about children and inappropriate scenarios is considered, not safe for work. For example: - This is not okay. If you thought it was. Then you were wrong. This one...
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    Denied+ Abuse Report: lotus

    Greetings! It's sort of ideal that this occurred since I have been meaning to talk with you. So, here we go. I have been keeping up with your chat and behaviour on discord the past few days and it seems to me, that you dont really have any interest in anything other than insulting...
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    Handled# [GoFree/CS:GO Surf] Protest a punishment: I Like Takis

    Greetings! Thank you for taking the time to write and get in contact with us. We tried entering a dialogue on discord through voice earlier but it did not end very well. We saw the events, that occurred on the day of this mess. First of, I'd like to say that "Danman" had nothing to do with...
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    Welcome on board ;)

    Welcome on board ;)
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    Invalid Abuse Report: wall-e

    Seems like this is handled. Kind Regards AsH
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    Invalid Abuse Report: Shala

    Simple example and one that can then be applied to other scenarios. The philosophy behind it I mean. An admin and a friend of theirs are playing, perhaps also in voice chat together conversing. The admin for one reason on another freezes this friend on top of a box where nobody else resides. A...
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    Invalid Abuse Report: Shala

    Because ban and un-ban requests are mainly handled by our admin team. When it comes to abuse reports, those are the ones that we handle. And all of the abuse reports you put forth, specifically in this discussion towards the admin "Sheyla" have not had enough substance to warrant any kind of...
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    Invalid Abuse Report: Shala

    We have had clan tags of similar nature for a long time now, not to mention you are only mentioning one person, when several others used that exact same clan tag on the server at the time. You only saw one person. Some of the clan tags for example are; spermhunterz and so on. We are a mature...
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    Invalid Abuse Report: Shala

    This is not an abuse report. This would fall under the category of normal reports. Kind Regards AsH
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    Denied+ Abuse Report: Para

    In fact, it was a bunch of zombies, surrounding the secret room, not knowing how to get inside. With the time almost running out for the round. The slap in the tunnel does not disrupt gameplay whatsoever, and the kick was due to excessive blocking. Perhaps record the previous 10 minutes of the...
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    Denied+ Abuse Report: Para

    Unnecessary, perhaps. Abuse? Not really. Seeing as this is an abuse report, there is no further need for discussion. Thank you for your time. Kind Regards SPA AsH
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    Denied+ Abuse Report: Para

    As stated on the other thread. The action once again, was most likely a result of fun between friends. If the player named "Slowian" finds issue with her behaviour, then they can post an abuse report themselves. It was also not a teleport. The player Slowian was just turned into a zombie by an...
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    Handled+ Abuse Report: Ash

    Thank you for the report. Firstly. One target dead is worse than 4 or more targets dead. I went through the map knowing there would be people at double doors. Slowian happened to figure it out. He was shooting me, and honestly I almost died there. If I chased him, I was dead 100%. I went...