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  • OK if someone should check out the Csgo Zombie server, then it should be online and not offline, otherwise we can't check it out how it tells us on the css zombie to check it if interested!
    Yo, I donated for one of the skins but still haven't got it.
    I redirected your message to the one handling donations yesterday
    Hi Niko, ich dachte bei Vip muss man nicht auf einen Slot warten a,uch wenn der Server voll ist? Wenn ich joine, kommt trotzdem noch die 5 Sekunden bevor ich im Spiel bin.
    By the way, habe mich noch als Admin beworben :)

    Greetings Alex
    Hi Alex,
    I understand the frustration, unfortunately it's not easy to use reserved slots because they force us to remove at least one player from the game for this to work, which means we would never have 64 players on the server.
    I'm please to see you applied for admin!

    Hi Niko, ich war so um 2009/2010 (ich weiss das nicht mehr) admin bei euch (Biersportz hatte ich damals als nic). Würde gerne wieder admin werden. und ich hatte immer eine gute Reputation bei euch.Würdest du mich bitte kontaktieren ? Steam id 76561197996355900
    Hi! Plz unban my chat and sprays, i think its banned wrong!
    Yes, sometimes i write in chat on my language, habit, im sorry for this.
    But my spray is not nazi, the swastika is not a symbol of the Nazis, I am not guilty of ignorance administrator !
    Happy birthday, They say in life without black bars in any way. So, if the stripes are black, then let it be only in the form of black caviar, black Mercedes, black diamonds and a rest on the Black Sea. For striped life!
    Niko will u unban me in shoubox? I promise to behave badly or very very badly :))
    Sorry, I just did not stop. You are doing a wonderful job. Of course, I am not a rich man, but I would like to make my next contribution. I will play on your site. U have very good adins: Melisa, Blue, Havoc, etc
    It can't be ignored. And many fkn noonb like me0
    I should edit your forum profile and give the location of where you're really from (Italy)
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