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  • Hello, my nickname ZEMA (RUS)! had the imprudence to behave arrogantly and defiantly, for which he was zabanet maxgs Administrator May 26, I felt sorry for asking me to withdraw from the ban list
    If you need an unban, please post it in the "unban/ban request" in our forum. Then all the admins can help you and not only me. I can't go check this page as much as I do on the other areas of the forum. Sorry.

    Also to check why you got a ban, you can go check out this link: The reason for the short ban was Rejoining as zombie as this is against the rules. Also rejoining may harm the server and cause it to crash.
    PS: Your steamID isn't your steam login name but your ID that looks a bit like this "STEAM:1:0:133780085"

    Hope this helped you :D
    name: ' Sananee
    steam id: hect0r_twingo
    reason of the ban: i dont know ?
    why u should be unbanned: i will play in the Server.. Its my favorite Server !
    For what reason will you give me a ban from the server?
    What did i do ?
    Please unban mee ..
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