1. D

    Prestige skin?

    I've reached above a score of 22500 in the ranking system on v3 I was told that you get skin at that "level", if true then where can I equip it? I've checked on "!zclass" without luck.
  2. H

    need help

    Hello Mapper i need some help i recently asked how to add props on hammer [ i found ] but i didnt found soda machine [in model path] can u tell me soda machine path in mdl
  3. C

    Ban Appeal

    Im not sure as to why i got banned by the console and i try join on alts and im automatically banned. I think the anticheat glitched on me and im not sure why alts dont work im banned on my main is there anyway i can get unbanned and i will gladly share my screen and show any folders they want...