Handled Abuse Report: ARELANT

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    9 May 2018
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    Admin's Name ARELANT
    Time and date 2018-05-08/11:27pm
    Server ZM
    Joined server for the first time. Got gagged for calling Arelant a noob admin.

    Arelant said you had a ZE server. I asked if it was populated, Arelant said they didnt know. I mentioned you could check by alt tab or you should know your servers. Arelant said he/she was only a zm admin, hence I said noob admin. Got gagged for it.

    Seems a little extreme.

    Reporting an abuse is a serious matter. Do you hold all the proofs requested for an abuse request? Yes
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    15 Dec 2015
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    Hello! :)
    I knew it, that you write here, so welcome to our forum! :-D

    I gave you 1 Hour, for admin disrespect, and that's it- i don't like it to be called a noob admin :)
    My main server is our ZM V1 i don't play on our ZE server.
    And it's not my job to watch if we have players on our ZE server.
    You can also stay friendly.

    Have a good day :))
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