Handled Ban Request: cheeki breeki

Discussion in '(un)ban/un(block) Requests' started by Tirant, 11 Apr 2019.

  1. Tirant

    Tirant Well-Known Member Donator

    11 May 2018
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    Name cheeki breeki
    SteamID U:1:159661466
    Server Zombie Hunting V1
    Time and Date April 11th 19:51 CET

    Ban Reason Blocking
    Additional Information
    Doorclosing in 4way at Tick ~11.000. Demo starts at the pre-round.
    Proof Demo

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  2. Finny

    Finny Well-Known Member Gameserver admin Donator

    1 Apr 2010
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    Hello and thank you for reporting.
    I did not issue a ban, since the door closing was harmless as it caused no real problems. You just opened the door again by shooting the button.
    If the case was that there were zombies running behind you, and they caught you, then I would have seen it as harmful and would issue a ban.
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