Handled Ban Request: MacGaiver

Discussion in '(un)ban/un(block) Requests' started by Tirant, 15 Apr 2019.

  1. Tirant

    Tirant Well-Known Member Donator

    11 May 2018
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    Name MacGaiver
    SteamID U:1:60885420
    Server Zombie Hunting V3
    Time and Date April 15th 11:31 CET

    Ban Reason Barricade destroying
    Additional Information
    does not aim his fire at the zombies for a single critical moment during a hard fight, shoots the props all over the place instead (blocking the view, making it harder to fight off the zombs respectively easier for the zombs to break in) and claims he "wanted to make it a little bit more scary".
    Proof Demo

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  2. Finny

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    1 Apr 2010
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    Hello and thank you for reporting.
    The player has been taken down.
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