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    Name /o/
    SteamID [U:1:394074157]
    Server Zombie Hunting V1
    Time and Date 19:50 GMT +2

    Ban Reason Blocking, Teamkilling, Barricade destroying
    Additional Information
    First he started with destroying our barricade so we had to leave the room with an elevator.
    Afterwards he attempted to teamkill both of us, killed the other dude and damaged me.
    (By jumping on our heads)
    Proof Demo

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    Thank you for your request,
    The player has been banned for 3 months due to previous bans and being a well known rule breaker with numerous permanently banned accounts.
    edit: After conferring with a SPA it has been recommended to me to extend the ban to a permanent one, again thank you for this report

    For future reference, typing status while recording causes the game to crash when the demo reaches that point. Instead, stopping the demo and taking a screenshot of the status afterwards, and posting that along with the demo in a ban request is perfectly adequate.

    Happy hunting,
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