Handled [CS:S ALL/CS:GO ZM] Report a player: Bob The Krieg Guardsman

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    Name Bob The Krieg Guardsman
    SteamID STEAM_0:1:148026151
    Server [CS:S] Zombie Hunting V3
    Time and Date 1:30PM, 03-25-2020

    Report Reason
    Destroying barricades of teammates
    Additional Information
    There is nothing to add here.

    He was staying right in front of the barricade and started shooting it.
    Also he changed his position so the box falls down.
    I tried to safe it but unfortunately another guy was shooting it (already reported).
    There was no need to shoot the barricade because no zombie was alive.
    I dont know what intentions he had.
    Proof Demo

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  2. Kr1pT1c

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    Thank you for the report. I have reviewed the demo and I will not issue a ban here. This player did shoot at the box but didn't necessarily shoot it down, there were again a lot of people trying to get up at the same time, therefore getting stuck in each other and causing a lot of chaos. However If this player keeps doing something like this I would consider a ban for sure.
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