Denied+ [CS:S ALL/CS:GO ZM] Report a player: k1TZ

12 Aug 2022
Name k1TZ

SteamID STEAM_0:1:21675867

Server [CS:S] Zombie Hunting V3

Time and Date 9:45 PM EST Oct. 6, 2023

Report Reason Teaming/Not following the game objective

Additional Information
Was teaming with zombies, knifing them across the map, throughout the duration of the game. There were other players also teaming, but he seemed to be doing it the most.

Proof Screenshot


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9 Jan 2016
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Hey @DrFronkensteen,
Unfortunately a screenshot isn’t valid proof to show teaming occurred, we require a demo for that sort of rule breaking. With a screenshot there’s no way to know if the zm killed the ct right after you took your screenshot for example.
12 Aug 2022
Just played a bunch of cat and mouse trying to catch some players who were teaming via demo, except the OBVIOUS problem is that by the time I open the console and type 'record such-and-such', it already HAPPENED. A screenshot showing a CT knifing a zombie is more than enough evidence. Like, that's clear teaming.
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17 Mar 2019
It isn't. Let's take this report as an example. I was not present in the game while it was happening so I obviously don't know if what you are stating in report is true or not. That's where the needed evidence is coming in.

From your screenshot all I see is a human standing with a knife behind a zombie in what looks like a part of area that is emptied out from other humans (this is just my guess from looking at radar which doesn't show other blue dots around, just my guess anyway, doesn't mean anything).

I don't see what the player actually did. Did he just knife him down and started protecting the spot in a normal way, did he follow him to knife him around, did he actually managed to get someone teamkilled or whatever.
I don't see the exact moment of when and how rulebreaking happened. Your screenshot doesn't show any of this and hardly any other screenshot would show it.

For all I know, that human could've been afk and that zombie could've been the one who came there and decided not to kill him.
Things like that are happening from time to time.

If that didn't explain to you why your screenshot is not enough then I guess nothing will.
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