Handled [CS:S ALL/CS:GO ZM] Report a player: King Saddam


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11 May 2018
Name King Saddam

SteamID STEAM_0:1:41847384

Server [CS:S] Zombie Hunting V3

Time and Date continuously

Report Reason homophobic trolling

Additional Information
User frequently stands out in the chat with provocative statements/comments/snippets that question the legitimacy of homosexual individuals and the purpose behind their sexual orientation. The topics he addresses (and makes fun of) typically range from gay marriage to gender roles, gender transition, human reproduction and so on. He tries to drag other players into debates, only to further consolidate his homophobic views towards them. An ideal example of a troll that stirs up the hornet's nest and takes pleasure in the resulting turmoil. I think I speak for everyone when I say that such behaviour is strictly against our community guidelines, which emphasize mutual respect and tolerance. The chat should be a place of joy and peace, no doubt. User has been gagged 12 times so far. He consistently ignores the warnings from admins and noticeably tones down or completely gives up his evil attitude whenever an admin comes online. Apart from all that, It's pretty messed up on its own that someone with the name and profile picture of dictator and mass murderer Saddam Hussein is spreading so much hate in a videogame. Please refer to the chatlog to get a clear understanding, because the screenshots provided below show by no means the full extent of the situation.

Proof Chatlog


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28 Jan 2013
Hey Tirant,

thanks for the report. We gag by report for racism, heavily insulting/swearing or advertising (for other servers/communities).
None of the screenshots shows a reason to gag him and we only judge by screenshots, not by chatlog from hlstats.

If you have proof of any severely homophobic insults thats something different.


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11 May 2018
Hello dear Dhoudz,

I'm reporting his overall behaviour in the chat, not a specific line of text, which simply cannot be covered by a couple of screenshots, I'm afraid.
Please re-evaluate your decision. Admin Brot confronted him in-game and declared that "this kind of discussion has no place on the server". Yet he continues to discuss various topics on homosexuality in a VERY contemptuous way. And he will never stop by the looks of it. I'm asking myself: do we really want that?


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3 Oct 2021
Hello @Tirant , hey @Dhoudz , as you can see on the screenshot I have warned several players to refrain from disparaging discussions about any kind of sexuality or religion. The player Saddam was warned by me he is known for his intrusive behavior regarding his way of thinking. I agree with Dhoudz that the behavior shown in the screenshots is not so offensive that it should be punished. But Tritan I will have increased an eye on the player and address him again. Thanks for your Report.

Saddam HusSein - KinG!

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21 Jul 2020
Hello Brot and others, first of all, thank you for assessing this matter in a honest manner. As you can read from my comments I made on the server, I have a very outspoken opinion on some matters. I agree that my wording can come across as offensive to some people, but that in itself does not mean its assaulting or severly homophobic. I think it perfectly demonstrates the view I have that in these times nowadays a person cannot have an opinion without the other feeling quickly offended. Is that what this server wants? Just all people with 0 backbone, just weak people feeling offended on everything another person says? I have been scolded by other players many many times, and you will never see me report that, even though I could have reported dozen of people. In other words: I think as long as the logic is reasonable and not meant to be offensive, such things as I say should be able to be said. About that: the basic of my argument is that for human species to survive, humans need to procreate (reproduce). Being non-hetero goes against that idea, and puts humanity at risk. That is in NO way meant to insult a person. And please bear in mind that usally I start these discussion because some person asked me my opinion or "provokes" me to give my opinion. As a matter of fact, there are even groups of people discussing how they can get rid of me and may even be "provoking" me to say stuff in order to get me gagged/banned. This post of Torant may even be such post, although I am not sure to be honest.

@Tirant : please relax and do not feel insulted, there is little reason for that. I will carefully word my opinion when asked, but please do not let my freedom of speech be blocked just because u dont like the opinion. Its freedom for all or freedom for no one: not just freedom for the one who have the same world view as yours. Peace !