Elite HunterZ Server/ Forum Rules! MUST READ!

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    Bannable offences: General (Forum & Servers)

    1. Refusing to speak English or German
    2. Swearing, Insulting and Racism
    3. Spamming, Heavy Flaming and Provocative Behaviour
    4. Advertising (for other servers/communities)
    5. Severely bad Sprays (Example; showing genitals or extreme violence)
    6. Refusing to follow Admin instructions

    Bannable offences: ZombieMod Servers

    1. Cheating
    2. Rejoining
    3. Exploiting the game
    4. Teamkilling
    5. Macros/Hotkeys/Scripts
    6. Teaming/Not following the game objective
    7. Blocking/Ruining the gameplay
    8. Destroying barricades
    9. AFK faking is allowed.
    10. 4way: Platform camping

    Bannable offences: ScoutKniveZ

    1. Interrupting duels
    2. Spawn killing
    3. Knife leveling

    Bannable offences: Glass_War

    1. Ghosting/As a spectator relaying the position of enemies to players
    2. Mid-round joining to avoid death or to gain extra kills

    We wish you an enjoyable stay in our community!

    SPA AsH
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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