Elite HunterZ Server/ Forum Rules! MUST READ!

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29 Mar 2010
Bannable offences: General (Forum & Servers)

  1. Refusing to speak English or German
  2. Swearing, Insulting and Racism
  3. Spamming, Heavy Flaming and Provocative Behaviour
  4. Advertising (for other servers/communities)
  5. Severely bad Sprays (Example; showing genitals or extreme violence)
  6. Refusing to follow Admin instructions

Bannable offences: ZombieMod Servers

  1. Cheating
  2. Rejoining
  3. Exploiting the game
  4. Teamkilling
  5. Macros/Hotkeys/Scripts
  6. Teaming/Not following the game objective
  7. Blocking/Ruining the gameplay
  8. Destroying barricades
  9. AFK faking is allowed.
  10. 4way: Platform camping

Bannable offences: ScoutKniveZ

  1. Interrupting duels
  2. Spawn killing
  3. Knife leveling

Bannable offences: Glass_War

  1. Ghosting/As a spectator relaying the position of enemies to players
  2. Mid-round joining to avoid death or to gain extra kills

The reason these rules exist is so everybody can have a fun time while playing and that everyone's chances are as equal as possible! Our admins work hard to uphold these rules so please do not spit over them by not following them!
If you were punished and think you have been wronged please do double check this thread to see if you really did nothing wrong! After that make an
Unban Request.
We wish you an enjoyable stay in our community!

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