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  1. Deanburger

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    24 Dec 2010
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    Nice, gj.
  2. Glatze

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    10 May 2012
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    66 on sv_minupdaterate and sv_mincmdrate is too high! around 40 would be OK.

    The Client cant send more Updates (mincmdrate) than his amount of FPS.
    My Computer cant hold 66 FPS stable on a zm server with 50 and more players. My averange FPS is 35 - 40. And i bet im not the only one. So the server gets only 35 - 40 Updates from me, even if its forced to 66.

    A Player is harder to hit when the Clients effective cmdrate deviates too much from the forced updaterate of the server.

    And the EH Server cant send always 66 updates (minupdaterate). It often goes down to ~50, sometimes even to ~30.
    Servers with that many players and many plugins are too huge to force high rates on it.

    And i guess the long knife problem is caused by the lag compensation, not by low-raters. Its the same story like "I was already behind the wall, but he still hit me!".
  3. soja

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    28 May 2012
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    I have seen no evidence suggesting that update deviation from the minimum value causes any more lag than sending/recieving updates via 33/40 updates/s or whatever.

    You simply send as many as you can, the more data you send, the more fluid your character will appear. Hitting 30fps just means that you can only send 30 updates per second to the server. This is the same as if the server has max rates of 34, the difference being that when you are able to send over 34/40+, your character in-game is positioned more precisely. These minimum values just ensure that everyone is sending the maximum possible data their computer can handle. Same goes for the server.

    If you do have any evidence of min rates causing more harm than help, i would really like to see them, if they do i will do some adjusting on my servers.
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