Handled Gag Request: Scoochie

Discussion in '(un)ban/un(block) Requests' started by Deleted member 10599, 10 Jul 2019.

  1. Name Scoochie
    SteamID STEAM_1:1:15792431
    Server CS: Global Offensive
    Time and Date 9:30 AM. 7/10/19

    Gag Reason Insulting/Swearing, Racism
    Additional Information
    I don't report many people here do to I never see a reason to even including my issues with Keysi and so on. But Scoochie is my exception.

    I am reporting Scoochie for the fact of he is overly toxic and insulting to all players who disagree with him. He is racist and VERY hostile.

    A quick backstory of my history with him, about 2 years ago I first met him. After a little argument with him, he had ended up threatening to kill me and my family as well as DDoS me and doxx me and continuously making threats against me before he was banned for 2 weeks (back on AB).

    Now he is back, to clarify he does not remember who I am so this is all like I am a new player. I joined for a calladmin as no admin were on and I see him insulting a young kid for his voice and calling him "a girl" and "a hoe" yet this child just sounded like a girl but was a boy.

    He threatened me again in VC (no proof) but then I told the kid how to mute him using /sm, since vote failed. After I saw he started playing loud music I had to ask Roor to come on. In the end due to him yes stopping music when told he instead insulted me and I believe admins but I didn't hear that nearly as well as I'd of liked to. I did hear him though insult my mother (who has passed) and I did tell him that after when he got muted for 2 hours by Roor.

    That does seem like enough but a quick look in source bans shows he has a large number of accumulated mutes and gags.


    After muted he threatened to kill me and my whole family as well as saying very rude things to me and telling me to shut up countless times. Which honestly if somebody like that is still allowed to speak on the server I don't know who isn't. I know he tells other people to die or kill themselves as he did with me, and he has threatened to DDoS or kills other people of my best guess.

    Chatlogs show a lot from this man and I do want this report to be used for a Mute and Gag to silence this person for a long time. I truly don't care what he says to be as much, yes I will use it against him still. But I am worried about what he will say to others.

    Not to rope in any other admins but I believe Cloud may remember that one encounter 2 years ago as well.

    I hope to see this person muted as this is a large matter to me especially when it comes to murder threats and DDoS threats on the servers.

    He is just way to toxic and obnoxious as he tries to let no one speak nor disagree with him.

    Forgetting to mention this man, Is 27 years old. A 27 year old is telling a 16 year old or younger for other people, to kill themselves. As well as he will kill them and their family and so on.

    He acts nothing like a 27 year old instead a very young child that is angry at something. I don't understand why he is so angry but it just goes way too far.
    Proof Chatlog
  2. Gower

    Gower Well-Known Member Gameserver admin Donator

    26 May 2018
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    I have requested @Roor to up the gag lenght, Thanks for your report.
  3. Thank you, and if he continues I will make another report of him, hopefully I wont have too. But I believe I may if he comes back sadly. But that is in the future ^^
  4. Roor

    Roor Well-Known Member GoFree admin Donator

    30 Nov 2018
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    Player has been Muted and Gagged. Thank you for bringing this to attention.
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