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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Antek, 6 Feb 2018.


Is this a good idea? :D

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  1. Antek

    Antek Ex-Admin Ex Admin Donator

    24 Jan 2018
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    Hey guys, i dont know it this is possible but it would be really cool if the Glass_War could get a kind of a gamemod. My idea was something like: The first player that gets 15 kills, wins the round and the map restarts or the game resets.
    Something like this would really be cool because:
    1. All players have a goal
    2. All players are in a competition
    3. I think a lot short games like this is more interesting then a regular game of 60 minutes
    4. Because of the goal, less players would commit suicide
    5. After the game resets or the map resets, the teams will be different because the players choose a different side. So the teams will often be mixed again
    6. Less afk in base standing people
    7. Players play more sirius

    I bet there are a lot more benefits for such a mode but i can only think of these right now :)
    As i said, i dont know if this is possible but this would be really cool :)

    Br, Antek
  2. Paul Bakker

    Paul Bakker Ex-Admin Ex Admin Donator

    31 May 2017
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    I have to play this game type too. But on the first impression, these ideas are not bad.
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