Handled+ [GoFree/CS:GO Surf] Protest a punishment: mojo


10 Oct 2020
Gamemode [GoFree/CS:GO Surf]
Ingame name mojo
SteamID https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198175604199/

Ban/Gag reason toxic
Desired outcome Lift my punishment
Statement of grounds

I’m writing this with the hope of getting unbanned from the GoFree Discord, i apologise for my childish behaviour and name calling, that won’t happen again, I’ve grown up since and spend a lot of time on the bhop servers, I’d like to be part of the community again, please give me a second (or third) chance


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9 Jan 2016
Canadia eh?
Mojo, I spoke with you, I told you the very simple things you needed to do to not be banned anymore. Trying to remove it from our messages before making a request doesn't somehow remove the fact that you sent some stupid image to me not even three days ago. I told you exactly what you had to do to be unbanned. Exactly. You couldn't even manage to fake it for a month or 2. That's literally all you had to do. Why would there be any reason to believe anything you say? The entire reason you're banned is because you have zero control over your own (poor) actions. You were told to the letter the very basic route to get unbanned and you couldn't manage it and continued to display that poor control. Trying to remove the image you sent a couple of days after the fact just shows that lack of judgment and control even more.
Oh, almost forgot your troll application the other week as well...
Actions have consequences.

It's just disappointing, you were a fun guy to have around when you weren't being an idiot. I'm not going to unban someone who clearly hasn't learned or changed from the ban.