Handled# [GoFree/CS:GO Surf] Protest a punishment: Troy

Discussion in '(un)ban/un(block) Requests' started by Troy, 24 Mar 2020 at 06:19.

  1. Troy

    Troy New Member

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    Gamemode [GoFree/CS:GO Surf]
    Ingame name Cliyz Fries
    SteamID 76561198868403507

    Ban/Gag reason A long time ago I was toxic, abused a lot of VIP rules, and intentionally told people how to avoid certain things.
    Desired outcome Lift my punishment
    Statement of grounds
    I know the things I have done in the past are messed up and I kind of wish I never did those things, I miss surfing on this server and I think it would be cool if I could potentially come back, I have become a lot less toxic and I think it would be cool to come back to the server, I really miss surfing on this server also
  2. dPexx

    dPexx Well-Known Member Staff Member Head Admin Tech Admin Donator

    25 Jan 2017
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    I will give you ONE more chance. Let me make this VERY clear. If you are caught out of line ONCE you will be permanently banned again.

    Your ban has been lifted.
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