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14 Apr 2022
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Okey the idea about video where Pro gamer do 0 recoil back in days in hight level tournument with sepcific gun Sig-550 auto sniper. Is litll hard to find .About it i think wright way wiud be dig names out from sites :
This fking site up here! Dig names out- custody year after year , watch if you can find any name with tihs gun in higlight - in his/her personal old days in twitch - youtube channel and things like that . I know it is really wild crazy research - you want somthing - you need work on it- nothing comes in hands in life for nothing- go for it - if you wish some of it! I am not intrest to do things like this cuz who fk i am here ?
Things about internet and remember in tihs world have that 1% and thay are somthing? Remember? Are you sure you are that SOMTHING with your "DIFRENT ELITE " style? Sure? Let me say some story.
IN this wild world have tons of situations where you do watch 2 difrent videos - each video is on same princip and situation what is going on .The difrence is in 1 video person do cheats and higlight his game perfomance where in other video dude do samething but dude do not use cheats. So that is reall tricky to use that as example here - digin out videos with difrent weapons in css by pros. It is crazy a lot great stuff out there to look for and use oo seee this man yes this man is SOMTHING! Even if it is not able to get a video one where some in best level with good reputation in long term coud advise here some PRIME minds and exatly about Sig-550 auto sniper with 0 move .
What for me i can not explain . For me when i watch a lot times - have a lot shoots a lot a lot where shoots from all million rounds he dose- a lot times i feels out of logic- The first comes bullet- than have a movment - than have what you must adjust with your hand or .. ... ohhh you gona like this ''DIFRENT STYLE'' cuz i am ''FKING ELITE BOYS YOU ALL WISH FOR '' program ....... /2022 . After he shoots - nothing happen a lot of times -it looks he don't even need to adjjust nothing. Ofcorse it is masked with shoots where sometimes it is small small rare times with some move. But moustly it looks he don't even need to try to adjsut nothing almost. And you know what - that is SOMTHING!
Okey i have to get redy for work and relax in other way than this . In full honest heart- you already know i don't care match about this crap case made for this head ! I AM the JUDGE with no GUILT. My heart is cristal clear with no stones on sholders . I give a testenomy where i dig down in ground this pap and can we give some clap ? I don't belvie this person. i am on Ka4mard side with some bright with some light in your dark night when you need some mind to be wright!