Make a map for our servers and get a reward!

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    Hello everyone.

    We are looking for old or new map makers to make maps for our Zombiemod servers.
    The maps should mainly be for our v1 server but if they fit v3 as well that would be sweet. The map should be something different than what we already have, we don't need more cbble maps but if you have a good idea you want to make a map of we'll be pleased to see what you create and even give a reward for it.

    64 spawns
    well optimized so players have a decent fps.
    Be creative, don't copy too much from other maps.
    Appropriate size, not too big and not too small.

    The rewards may vary from how well the maps are made. Putting together a 1 hour map that looks boring and uninteresting may not lead to a good reward but if you make a map where you actually put time in it and listen to the community regarding changes and improvements where you also keep us updated about the map we'll be happy to give a decent reward for it in form of free premium, a special skin for map makers only and maybe even a game or gift card.

    If you decide to make a map please post it at the Mapping Forum, let us know which project(s) you are working on and provide us with a few pictures so we can give you our feedback.

    Kind regards the Special admins and Head Admins.
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