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    Download and move to cstrike folder, right-click: Extract Here. The PLUS version includes weapons not used in zombie and Player skins.

    Contents of the readme file:

    Must have sounds and skins for all zombie hunters by AzulShiva.

    The purpose of the sound cfg is to highlight important sounds and mute noise and make it easier to tell when someone is reloading. The new skins look better and weapons like the M3 are no longer blocking your view on reload.

    All radio messages muted (delete radio folder inside sound_cfg to undo)
    ALl footsteps 4x louder (delete player folder inside sound_cfg to undo)

    All irrelevant pistols: shoot & reload sounds muted.

    Every weapon has a unique but soft shoot sound. Scout now has very loud Sniper sound. All weapons not allowed in zombie hunting have not been modded.

    Reload sound effect:


    New models:

    M3 is sleek and no longer in your face.
    SciFi P90
    TMP has nice five-seven with silencer autopistol model.
    Deagle has nicer texture.
    Dualies have nicer texture.
    Hands have nicer glove texture.

    ZombieHuntingCFG PLUS only:

    Other weapons not on zombie:

    AWP has model & sound used in all my fragmovies.
    Noob weapon M4 has ugly skin with "GAY" written all over it because its noob weapon used by noobs. REAL men use AK or para.
    M249 is now a badass M60 with badass sound because its a badass weapon.
    Sg552 has nice model & sound.

    Player model:

    By default we have unicolored red and blue skins for T and CT. If you don't want them delete "red_blue_skins" folder inside this folder.

    If you delete the other folder u can unzip "movie_skins" inside this folder. They are default skins with more red elements on T and more blue elements on CT. They are the same but look better than default. I used them for all my fragmovies.
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