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14 Jun 2018
hey people,
following my denied report and as i'm bit bored today i'd like to make clear when and why can admin change map before it finish.

1. When admin can initiate voting for map change ? I was told when people complaining about the map. So how many players must be complaining to make admin start the vote ? 1 or 7 or 12 or how many ? Till today it was clear : players used rtv tool and when there's been enough rtv's map was changed. Or admin just decide not to respect players votes from previous map and initiate voting whenever he wants ?
2. Why should any admin even start such a vote about map which was properly voted by players ? Admins are here for players not opposite so they should respect players vote. Once the map is voted what is the reason admin starting vote for earlier finish ? And if first vote for ending map is not successful can he make another vote 2 mins later and then again and again until success ? because according easy he probably can ;-)

I started this thread to make things clear for everyone. I'm sorry that @easy missed the point i was talking about : no need and no right to start the
vote about already voted thing.

Rules should be clear for everyone in game and admins should respect players votes. To be more specific : once the map is voted it shold be played in full. Or maybe i'm missing something.

Thanks guys and be happy to hear some opinions


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25 Oct 2013
What a thread title... is it a joke?

Following your post I'd like to make clear that you do not have to decide what our admins are allowed to do and what not. The only persons who can decide this are staff members. Let me add that if you dont want to be missunderstood I recommend to work on your idiom. I guess with
following my denied report and as i'm bit bored today i'd like to make clear when and why can admin change map before it finish
you meant that you want to know exactly if and in what situations an admin is allowed to make a vote. But you wrote that YOU want to tell others what our admins are allowed and what they are not. I will tell you once again what admins are allowed regarding votes and I will be clear (I already did tell you twice and I hope this will be the last time that you are asking the same question again):

1. Admins can start a vote whenever they want.It is not abusive if they start a vote. We trust our admins to be able to moderate the servers and we gave them the power to start a vote. Be aware that in case some admin abuses his rights to avoud maps that he personally doesnt like we a) need proper proof in form of demos and b) will afterwards take care that this wont happen again.
2. Because they can. Because they are asked to by players. And because they are allowed to by the rules. And yes, we had admins that made special maps for a couple of hours (for example ex-SPA WolfRam was famous for initiating votes the whole evening just to entertain the players). I myself often start what I call a special map happy hour. And do you know why? Because it is fun and the majority of players loves it when I do so.

Like I said admins are not expected to start a vote whenever they dont like a map. But I can assure you this is not happening. Our admins are well educated and do a great (and hard) job. If you believe that you can do it better feel free to apply. We are always looking for the best.

So with all heavenly patience I am telling you once again and a last time: All our admins are allowed to make a vote for map change or special map whenever they believe it is a good idea, whether they are asked to do a vote or not. This is what we call "moderating and entertaining the server to make it a better and more fun experience".

Let's all hope you find some entertainment too and you will stop being bored. Why can't you accept that there was a vote and the vast majority voted for "YES LET'S LOAD A SPECIAL MAP"? Tell me what pain must it be to sit there for 24h over a situation that forced you to play 20 minutes of a map the majority of our players prefered to play compared to the map that is played 30x daily (and seems to be your favourite map)?
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28 Jul 2010
Hello there,
I doubt there is anything to add up to easy statement about this whole case. Final decision was given and you keep discuss about this whole incident, I have no words to say.