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25 Oct 2013
Hello HunterZ, CamperZ and FattieZ!

If you are a mapper and want to show us your maps you are at the right place! Please open a new thread for each map and wait for it being reviewen and tested. We appreciate your work and ask you to be open minded to our suggestions (as some maps dont match our mod and requirements) and patience (this is voluntarily work for us just like for you). Ps.: As soon as one of your maps is finished and used on our server you'll get the Mapper forum tag.

If you are not a mapper but have any map wishes/suggestions please go here and provide a download link for your desired map: https://forum.elite-hunterz.com/threads/maps-list-add-remove-requests.9/.

All maps have to be reviewn by SPA before they can be tested on servers. Here some general explainations of the tags which are edited and currently used (December 2022) by SPA in this forum:

[fix needed] - important map that needs some fixes (mainly used for maps on nomination lists)
[test needed] - map is waiting for being reviewen by SPA
[uploaded 4 testing] - map was reviewen by SPA and uploaded for firther testing as special map
[fixed] - map got tested and (hopefully) finally fixed
[online] - new map online but not in rotation (special map)
[added] - map is in rotation of one of our servers
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Additional info to all mappers:

Whenever you edit your map and provide a new .bsp file you mandatorily need to change it's name (e.g. zm_mapname_v1, zm_mapname_v2, etc.). Thank you!
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