Some sparks to flash down some crap - reflection.


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14 Apr 2022
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It is late night and i will try be kind to not put my bad behavior . But this case smells bad ! I am the JUDGE and you need some HUG? Or some need pull out some monster from under the bed? Is this monster left there with hand of help from some real dirty - see i can't speek bad here– all fun cut off - okey let's say - some real dirty cheater what we have here ! That monstr looks as old fosily in format of humans shit. This fosily is what looks as monstr what dosn't want to sunk down! It amaze me day by day ! I already can say for future eyes and NOSES who can't tell difrence from good shit and old fosily format. Also well sayed as ''hiding monstr'' under your bed what we all diging out in emocion of despair? Hey you there -yes you- i already can say this is on my princips and logic so fk off pls ! Read it! Take it and hate it - smell it! Please do not replay - i will not change mind on what i will say . At really beginning i didn't like to think bad on any gamer + if person looks like he use some extra ''help'' - cheats. I liked to creat reasons for good to person and justified as nothing wrong here with this person . Let's take a closer look what i do think with it. I will say as first WHITE and than put on it BLACK . The idea be - the fight in own mind . Good-Bad.
First thing - This is 2004 game release and with that i mean - 2022 if you still play this since day one or even couple of years- it is normal you good at somting. - The dark side- for this specific game as it is so old - i belive cheats to get more undetected than it shoud be than game what is younger. Some are real good at talking in manny ways- on bad side- here where you need get same information over and over and over and be carefull what person says. You are blind as your mind are ! Week as you back of bone are ! Your word is no worth if belive wash away with oh 'i think this ** ** * ** like push back ' and you as one of prime dudes in server and not ME and not HIM or ANYONE but if YOU ''breaks ''~ That more fascinate me more than any other fking cheater in this server lmao. Sorry it was in me . Will try not ... Ok .... heeee..... About person and monstrs i can say my best speculations :
The New No Recoil Cheat that Everyone Is Using!
( This game consol set up is real on any game).
2) I belive person have difrent accounts where he practice ''difrent'' ways to play his games in difrent styles ;
Person have in my eys large skill gaps in other part of game as - moving- feeling game - logic - dession making and moust important awareness what situation is going around him. So this all make me ask a simple quastion- How person with som 99.99% almoust perfect aim miss that all rest ? It is intresting for me. He is good wth mouse or what ever he use. How person can miss rest ? + BONUSS - 1 HATE 1 fking thing- when person show up in this hunter server and says I AM A FKKING ELITE YOUCAN WISH FOR ! it fking amaze the moust. In reality in this server play tons i mena endless list with so 10+ years game , some form CS GO hightest levels in past . HERE have a lot a lot great dudes ! oKEY - IN THIS world have a small % of persons who is build in difrent way and thay are SOMTHING! But i also know when you do building year after year your best game you can perfomance and you see okey this is bad- i do not like - this i need and that to improve ! But that person - deim i see gaps bitween floors - that base is not as PERSON says - I AM FROM FKING ELITE DUDES ! HERE I AM FKING AM ! LOL . Okey i belive person have played in some nice levels but that aim with that perfection - it feels like anomaly not a natural hand adjustment. + I have asked a lot admins a lot! Give me one profesional real one ex Counter Strike Source real hight level dude with clear history with his best highlights back in days when CSS tournument was a big deal ! Give me one perosn! 1**** one who can shoot with SG-550 auto that good with that ''natural hand adjustment movment of recoil" Ye ye ye ye we have one here ye ye ye lol .
Okey... This dude yes- we all live good! We alll drink water only! We all don't lie! We all are for fair court! '' I can TWICH IT! '' LIVE STREAM IT ! i can SCEENNSHOOT IT ! this bullshit nr1 lol... .... ... In this day all is well so hide able. You can sit in other gamer chair, play a litll bit same game where you think he /she cheats even look in folders. If you will not know you NEVER EVER FKING EVER will know this person do cheats . It is so well mask to HIDE the ''I AM FROM FKING ELITE BOYS ''
i coud writte and writte but i need sleep . Please dont replay on this post- don't give me more reasons to behave!
From my deepest heart - even this FRUCT do not cheat - i do not like this piece of ** and will never ever like . NEVER! I am happy i am not only one. He proboly gives a ** whom cares what! But dose we boys gives a sh what he thinks of us! As past has showed - this is his WORLD where he can play MIND GAMES with you heads of servers PRIME minds! Every court a person need some help - if he can defend himself cuz nobody else fking want help him! NOBODY! But why when you have a chance you do not help "K4marad " with suport im back and leting defender test this server WEEK BONES? Cuz in first time he broke one and he felt the taste HE CAN! So why he coud sit back and oh no i need change ! Lol . Okey i am apologise if i say something wrong but thta is my thoughts.
Also deep recomend - don't ask me what i am talking here and about who? Don't! That who understand -understands . If you do not- fu^^ off - you are in wrong place. Do not writte me ! i am on this and it not change fking NEVER! Thiswas in me and i let it go! Time will show - onyl me can change myself the mind on this one. I know a lot posibilities. But my eyes this perso must keep ban and wurm up somwhere else. Cuz here have gamers who plays from HEART and game as moust wonderful server ever! Not for WURM UP to do some "ELITE" things .
Dont please delete this posts admins! I tryed really really hard to not speek to match bad words. It takes a lot to be good in speaking when your hate every secunde to be part of it !
I am apologise as always for grammer but i try this time to writte litll better. Hope you understand my thoughts.

That was my wolf on clift growl while looking deep down in nowhere for finding a reasons leting winds fresh the air and making the smell downthere back great as well as spell what once spelled!