Spray bug in ZM maps.

Discussion in '[CS:S] EliteHunterZ's ZombieHunting & more' started by X☥X{«☀»}Pharaoh, 23 Mar 2019.

  1. X☥X{«☀»}Pharaoh

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    2 Feb 2019
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    Hi admins,

    I've encountered a few instances in which banned sprays are still being displayed on certain parts of certain maps:

    1: Lila panic. You cant see the spray but they are allways displayed there.
    2: Atix helicopter. Some lovely images that are banned for a reason but still are visible.
    3: Canals. You cant see the spray but they are allways displayed there.
    4: 16chambers. No further comment needed.

    I dunno if other maps have that same glitch but there you go.

    Screenshots included. 20190321213211_1.jpg 20190321213217_1.jpg 20190320225003_1.jpg 20190320224948_1.jpg 20190322031926_1.jpg 20190322031939_1.jpg 20190322032025_1.jpg 20190322032032_1.jpg
  2. Docta

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    29 Dec 2017
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    Yea, it's been doing that for ages. Sometimes it lets me remove them, other times it just pastes another spray on top after trying to remove.
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