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Retired SPA/HA
27 Sep 2014
Hello, just randomly got an idea that we could tell each other about what to visit and what to do if people come to our City/Country. I have already asked @WhispEr for suggestions for USA and i would like to know more about different Countries, obviously you can google but i want to hear what you that live there have to say about what's worth to visit, try, any restaurants, amusement park etc.

Feel free to share what you think is worth to look into in your area or Country if you don't want to be specific about your location.

For me I live in Copenhagen, the Capital City of Denmark. Here are a few nice things to visit.

1. "Tivoli" The most well known Amusement park in Denmark and it is located in the middle of Copenhagen, getting into Tivoli and be able to try everything you want costs about 40 euro.


2. Next to Tivoli there is a Restaurant called "Flammen". It is IMO one of the best restaurants in Denmark at a reasonable price. It is a grill buffet, around 9 different kinds of quality meat all perfectly grilled by 2 great chefs, there are at least 4 different kinds of potatoes and 3 different kinds of sauce, and of course lots of salad I've heard, 9 different kinds of meat so screw salad :D
It cost about 30 euro for all you can eat per person.


3. The little Mermaid, it is very popular among tourists, it's portraying a story written by a very well known author in Denmark H.C Andersen who lived in the 18th Century.
It is a beautiful little sculpture next to the sea.


4. Christiania. It is a "free" place in Copenhagen, very popular for tourists but mostly for those that enjoy marijuana. In Christiania there is a lot of people that have small desks where they sell joints and other drugs. It is a beautiful city where they have a few strict rules, No Cameras. No yelling and don't ever say "police".


Looking forward to see some more replies about what's interesting to see in other's Countries, things that you find very interesting and that you suggest others to see.


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5 Jan 2017
United Kingdom - Not much, i guess London and the main stream areas are not to bad. I live in Plymouth, South West of England. There really is nothing down here. They’ve built a new place called the Bar code, which has the best cinemas and food and entertainment you can get, but that’s about it. We have a town, some good places to eat, and some alright areas. You get the good side of Plymouth, then you get the not so great side. All in all, if you really want to, come and visit some time. It just depends what your interpretation of fun is.

Where i want to go? - Netherlands. Heard and seen that weed is legal over there. I don’t really smoke to be honest, like, very very very rarely will i have a joint/bong. But the experience would be pretty insane i reckon. Just be cool to go with a few buddy’s and get ruined.

Also, down here, we have an amazing restaurant called “The Leandra”. The food there is always impeccable. The mains and deserts are divine. The music in the background is amazing and the bevy's are just an addition on top. The music is relaxing and the staff are really really friendly. Totally recommend going there if anyone ever comes down. It bangs to be honest.

We got quite a few mopeds and 125s lying around, so you always see people riding in groups which is cool. Been on a few rides with them and we always go to scenic spots on “The Barbican”. They have really
good restaurants and amazing spots to go jumping (Jumping off of cliffs and heights into water). We do that a lot in the summer and usually all the tourists come and watch us. There is also a lot of ice cream vans. a lot.

There’s quite a bit more, but google explains it better generally
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1 Jun 2017
We have a nuclear threat to humanity ... what else .. We have a lot of nuclear threats ... we have 1/6 of the land, but nobody lives there, what else ... We have the bastard president. And we are the main threat to humanity...
But we are working to change that fuckin shit!
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1 Jun 2017
We are the people who are beaten in demonstrations. Putin and his friends have only one road ... to The Hague!


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15 Dec 2017
I don't live in london,moscow or Copenhagen so don't expect much xD
I live in sousse we call it " The jewel of the coast". The best sites are
The medina(the city in arabic)
The medina (old town) of Sousse is one of the finest examples of Arab architecture in Tunisia, preserved almost completely unchanged throughout the centuries. This is Sousse's main point of interest, The warren of alleyways is surrounded by a two-kilometer circuit of walls, built in AD 859 with mammoth stone blocks recycled from ancient Roman sites. There were originally six gates, of which two survive: Bab el Khabli on the south side and Bab el Ghabi on the west.

Kasbah,build in AD 895 on the site of an earlier Byzantine fortresse

The souk district also is a nice place to enjoy shopping for garbage, i mean souvenir .


Also there are pretty good mosques to see but i really don't go there because i'm not a muslim but it' worth to see



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24 Jun 2020
My Country:

1. Mount Everest
2. pashupatinath Temple
3. National Flag
4. Culture

Photo :


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