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    13 Oct 2015
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    Ingame name ghssanyhea
    SteamID STEAM_0:1:87555176

    Ban reason teaming
    Unban reason
    I played for this account in this servers for long time and i love this Community and love this servers Special zombie v3 i had long and good record in this account and lot of friends I only play this game in steam most time I feel sad and i did mistake by breaking the rules teaming but and i want to apologize to you this is was my first ban since long time with no braking the rules i hope you give chance again to play again with this old account please
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    17 Nov 2016
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    Really bro...?? This is your fourth permanent ban and you really make this unban request xDD

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    9 Jan 2016
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    Admins have to refer to the ban history of a player to adjust the ban length accordingly. In your case, you have a long history of bans with 5 bans specifically for teaming. Your ban length will always be longer disregarding the amount of time since your last ban due to your ban history.
    You might have one of the highest playtime on the servers but that doesn't give you exclusive right to break the server rules.

    Might be old but they are your words for not breaking rules:
    Link to the thread in case anyone wants to read:

    On your profile:

    From all this, seems to me the only reason you wanted to start clean was to be able to break the rules again without the consequences of a permanent ban. Your ban appeal just doesn't seem convincing enough, that you won't be breaking rules again specially when there are no admins around. In my opinion, you can take this as an opportunity and start off clean with a new account rather than stick to a account with 14 bans.
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