Handled Unban Request: Pro Edger

Discussion in '(un)ban/un(block) Requests' started by superlux, 13 Apr 2019.

  1. superlux

    superlux Member Donator

    9 Apr 2017
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    Ingame name Pro Edger
    SteamID [U:1:6100015]

    Ban reason team killing
    Unban reason
    pls. unban me.
    2 weak its too long.
  2. h1dden

    h1dden Well-Known Member Gameserver admin Donator

    6 Mar 2018
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    Hello, Pro Edger. I'm the admin who banned you. Indeed you were banned for team killing. Regarding to demo in this ban request you can clearly see that you contributed to the TK of several teammates. You has been doing it a lot of times before this case. Also as I see you already leaved your unban request some time ago and you said "i won't do it again"... Well you lied. Dataworm gave you a chance, unfortunately you missed it and continuing break the rules.
    At now I see no reasons to reduce or delete your ban.
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