Handled+ Unban Request: Skrt

Discussion in '(un)ban/un(block) Requests' started by Ethan Meltzer, 7 Jun 2019.

  1. Ethan Meltzer

    Ethan Meltzer New Member Donator

    7 Jun 2019
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    Ingame name Skrt
    SteamID 76561198968391583

    Ban reason Alt Account
    Unban reason
    I am the owner of a csgo cheat that is going to be released this month, I cheat all the time to test out the cheat.I was cheating on my main, the same account I had my record on kitsune with. I got overwatched banned and couldn't join secured servers (Including surf maps) so I made a new account that wasn't banned. I started surfing on my new account, knowing that you can't make alt accounts told the admin that my main was banned so i had to make a new account. I beat my record on my old account and got my rank back on the server on my new account. This is my new main account and the admin I told 100% knew that because I told him. Thats the 100% honest truth, nothing more nothing less... This was my old account that got vac banned that i surfed on kitsune with https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198967410743/
  2. Lotus

    Lotus Retired SPA/HA Retired SPA/HA Donator

    9 Jan 2016
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    Changed to a steamid ban, he can play on his other account now
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