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Discussion in 'Abuse Reports' started by vortex is fat, 10 Mar 2019.

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  1. vortex is fat

    vortex is fat New Member

    10 Mar 2019
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    Admin's Name vortex
    Time and date 1:38 3/10/19
    Server surf_utopia_v3
    I got a 90 minute mute for making a joke and posting a google search link that said "why is vortex so morbidly obese" in it and his feewings got huwt and he muted me out of self hate

    Reporting an abuse is a serious matter. Do you hold all the proofs requested for an abuse request? Yes
  2. Xylon

    Xylon Well-Known Member Staff Member Special Admin

    20 Jan 2012
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    Coming on the forum to make an abuse report on the admin Vortex with the nickname "vortex is fat"...

    You're a genius right ?

    Abuse report invalid.
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