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    27 Nov 2020
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    Hello i build a map here you can take a look for it
    Have fun !

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  2. SOUR

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    27 Oct 2010
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    Hello there! I checked your map out in hammer and ingame.

    1. Your map is mainly made by displacements power: 4 which will greatly decrease the Fps for players, a map should be made with nodraw on most of the map, and some displacements here and there, also dont use power 4.

    2.Also i see no optimization on the map Area portal/func_detail or fading which will decrease the fps alot for the players (specially on big open maps like this one)
    3. Your Skybox is way to big, make it smaller will also increase FPS
    4. Some of your props are out of place/stuck inside stuff. 20201127225650_1.jpg

    5. Your displacements are not aligned properly 20201127225850_1.jpg

    These are just my own thoughts, do want you want ^^
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