1. Kr1pT1c

    [online] zm_dust2_unlimited

    Hello dear community. I have taken this iconic map, added a few small camping spots and made some small changes (adding more spawns for example). I believe this could be a nice alternative to the classic dust2 and may suit our community more aswell. There are...
  2. easy

    [added] zm_little_italy_v3

    Hello mappers! Our v3 map needs a small fix. Can anybody close this entrance to the basement completely? The spot is - apart from being a glitch camp spot - pretty useless anyways. Please also remove those props in the building, they are not used to build a barricade anyways, they are only...
  3. easy

    [uploaded 4 testing] zm_roy_highway_fix4 / zm_eh_highway_final_v1

    Hello mappers! Another map from current v3's nomination list needs some fixes. This map i sincedible unfair towards zombies, team fatty cant win it unless it is at night and few players are around. This map is highly endangered to become a special map if not fixed. The main issue is easy: Map...
  4. easy

    [online] zm_little_city_v7_roy

    Hello map makers! Due to issues this map has been removed from nomination list. To bring it back it needs some fixes (probably there are more problems, those are the ones I remember): 1. Remove the laterns that i marked - or make them non solid so players can't use it to camp on balcony...
  5. Hard

    need help

    Hello Mapper i need some help i recently asked how to add props on hammer [ i found ] but i didnt found soda machine [in model path] can u tell me soda machine path in mdl
  6. Ҳ


    Hello i build a map here you can take a look for it Have fun !
  7. Kr1pT1c


    Attached are some screenshots of the map aswell as the map itself. Here I present to you a map, I have been working on for the last couple of weeks. It was originally made by Cunning_Stunt under the name de_dolls. I have taken this map and reworked it into a zombie map. There was quite a bit...
  8. T

    Question and Answer mappingthread

    Hello, Something is missing here.... A question and answer thread!!! Ask your mapping questions here, and we try to answer them. Thanks Themme
  9. T

    Introduction of Themme (aka Roy [NL])

    Hello mappers and other people :) I've been mapping for cs:source for around 4 years. During this period i created multiple maps like: hosties_desert_prison hosties_hijacked_plane hosties_castle_prison ze_underground_lab ze_spaceflight breakfloor_roy_[NL] i3d_xmas_event_2011 zr_little_city_roy...