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25 Oct 2013
Hello mappers!

Another map from current v3's nomination list needs some fixes. This map i sincedible unfair towards zombies, team fatty cant win it unless it is at night and few players are around. This map is highly endangered to become a special map if not fixed. The main issue is easy: Map is too big. But some spots need fixes too.

Here we go:

1. Close the unseless tunnel. Not only it is full ob OP spots, it also is a place of "no rules" as it cant be adminstrated properly when lights turn off. The tunnel itself is useless - it makes the map unnecessarily big. Too big to suit our mod. I suggest to close this two spots - maybe to keep the circling map theme ther emight be a teleport connecting these two sides. Even without this huge (useless time wasting area) this map will be the biggest map on our nomination list. But maybe zombies got a chance to win it too.



2. These doors need a fix. Players get stuck there. I suggest to make them sliding:


3. Sometimes players get stuck here in the ground. I have no idea why this happens but it shouldnt. Maybe an invisible wall or some visible walls might be a solution?


4. Remove this ladder or make this spot be reachable by at least two ways. Another option would be to remove the invisible plattform and prevent players from camping on windmill:

5. Close the second small spot behind the rock.

Bonus question: Anybody else noticed these scary flying props?

Thats it for roy_higway from my side. I am looking forward to your respones!
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Thank you Data! This - obviously an exploit - should be fixed too.
1. Could you tell me what spot you find too OP? I suggest changing the lighting if it's an issue. I disagree on it being useless as it can be used if necessary to regain hp and to move around the map to surprise unaware humans.
3. Consider shortening the bridge with some sort of wall on top/wagon blocking the path and invisible wall so that people cant get to the sand they get stucked in and maybe move some of the wagons on top closer in if possible to keep campers happy.
4. I'd rather do something like this to add another way / more pressure on this spot to reduce the amount of autos shooting the zombies trying to get the ones on the platform which might also help balance out the map.
5. Why close off here? Maybe make it smaller so that they can't go inside the corner, but don't see the need to close it entirely off.
Here the mill seems to me to be a very good place, there is a proposal not to make the second path and not prohibit its players (a mill (in general, it’s a wind generator like)), you can make walls at the very top so that when firing the fat people do not fly off a kilometer, but have additional chances eat a negligent victim)
The quota of rounds won by a team is 14:1 in favor of CTs. Therefore there are obviously too many spots that are overpowered plus the map size itself that make it impossible for ZM to win a round.

At least at the beginning of a round both teams should have a chance to win a map. Ideally both teams should have a chance to win a map. This isnt given at the current version, highway has never been won my zombiez and they rarely win a round (this maps ends 4:0 for CTs, every single round won by clock, not by defeating zombiez). Therefore (and for it's bugs and glitches) it was moved to special map list until we find some map maker who balances and fixes the map.

Either with my ideas from which I am pretty confident that they will help a lot or with own ideas. I am not saying my list is the final one but I am saying that I detected some bugs and other issues that need a fix.

In short it needs bug fixes & map/spot balancing.
Few months back when I tried editing this map some thing went wrong and it wouldn't let me compile it for some reason so I couldn't work on it and gave up. Today at the evenings I tried again and it magically worked, anyway - That's the updated version.

Tell me if it will be needed further changes.

I missed few obvious bugs.. I'll work on it as fast as possible.


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Version 6_1.

- Critical bugs fixed.

Anything that requested below already updated in this version.

I added 2 more changes:
[1] - I closed half of the bridge since it was too long.

[ 2 ] - Added few boxes to the main camping spot.


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Having a chimney to the roof is a great idea, but there is no way to get on the roof ...
From my pov - after testing a few times - this map is still overpowered and unfair toward ZM.

Maybe some nice boosts can help ZM to move faster, attack camperz more efficiently and win some rounds? Also the water area is kinda useless.

Maybe combine both and make some zombie boosters from water area to the main camp spots to spice this map up a bit?
Sorry about the delay.

Added few boosters across the map. Also added HDR.


  • zm_roy_highway_fixed_7_3.bsp
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HDR is a bad idea mate^^ testing it locally the lightning is much too much. The boosts look good - cant wait to check it on servers. maybe you can recompike it without HDR?
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send you some pics at steam
I like your changes.
I think this ramp need a fix too. Too easy to get the people up there, the rocks and the house to the right(house not in picture):
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-Removed HDR. Science can't explain how the hell the ladder got there, anyways I removed it.


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