[uploaded 4 testing] zm_roy_highway_fix4 / zm_eh_highway_final_v1

I am very hopefull for this version and can´t wait to try it out :D If people have a hard time in the beginning with adjusting to the danger of the boost from the lowest level, then an idea is to create a beacon that will flash everytime the boost is used. The design of the boost looks great
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uploaded for testing on v3!
Lowest ramp should be adjusted somehow (Humans can get to OP spots without dying from falling dmg using it and zms can get to most of the normal spots too fast I think.).
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Wait there is no fall damage? Why xD? Let them newbiez die and learn!

Maybe boost can be adjusted to give CTs 10-20% boost only?

Otherwise we need some invisible walls to prevent CTs from camping on rocks (I guess rocks are the spots Paw was talking about).

And yes tje boost diection might be adjusted to, maybe make it can rotate or move every 5 sec? Or add 1-2 more boosts to reach some remaining camp spots.

Just some ideas...
As far I understood, the latest gameplay zombies were slaughtered by humans. I believe that is because not many players have discovered the water booster there. Even though after those circumstances I already know it will become an abuse and very fast an OP booster. I slightly moved it to the left side soo that now zombies couldn't get to any spot on the map with it. It still has enough impulse force and with the right player it could be done perfectly. Maybe I wrong here idk, I guess we'll need to test it.

- I decreased the impulse force for humans, they now cannot reach OP spots(blocked any potential anyways).

- Removed access for CT to use the Land-Boosters( Now sure if it is even necessary to let CT use the main booster)


  • zm_roy_highway_fixed_7_5.bsp
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- Removed access for CT to use the Land-Boosters( Now sure if it is even necessary to let CT use the main booster)
Oh, this is kinda sad. Map is big, land boosters were fine in first tests. It might be used to escape and move faster... and I was already excited to see teams chasing each other via bhop

Will have a look soon, quite busy this week mate
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Hellooo again,

This island with the boost needs a serious fixing, you cant enter the island from 90% of the coast. Players get stuck and glitched there :/

*couldnt upload and test the newest version tho
-Added new Booster
-Auto-moving players who are standing in front of the boosters while it is being used.


  • zm_roy_highway_fixed_7_7.bsp
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Apparently the previous version had compiling bugs. That is the fixed version.


  • zm_roy_highway_fixed_7_8.bsp
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- Increased the CTS' impulse force on the main boosters.


  • zm_roy_highway_fix_1_5.bsp
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  • Closed the second tunnel
  • New decorations for the main-booster island / beach.
  • A small bug fixed


  • zm_roy_highway_fix_beta4.bsp
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zm_roy_highway_fix_beta4 added for testing on both servers
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added to v3's nomination list for further testing
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After playing a little bit on the map I noticed 2 things needing fix:

1: Players get stuck here on this little black texture emerging from the ground and cant move unless they get teleported out.

And 2: If you jump in a specific way from the boosters under the water,you can reach and stand on an invisible platform existing there,as seen from the player right here.