Zombie Escape CSGO - Is looking for admins!

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23 May 2014
[EH] Zombie Escape CSGO - Is looking for admins! ;)

Do you enjoy zombie escape? And also being an admin?
Well then, we might be looking for you!

It is not a secret that we have been working hard to expand our zombie servers to CSGO. Well we are there, we have expanded from CSS into CSGO aswell and can announce that a Zombie Escape server is here.

We are at one of the last steps which is admin reqruitment. Since the server is brand new we have decided to handpick our first admins instead of having them apply for the position.
So if you have wanted to become an admin on our servers but have been to lazy to apply, it is your lucky day!

All you have to do is send me a message on discord or here on the forum and we will start chatting and take it from there.

EVERYONE is free to apply for this position and will have the exact same and fair chance. Don't hesitate to reach out, you might just become our next Admin ;)

Discord: Melisa#1406
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