1. D

    Prestige skin?

    I've reached above a score of 22500 in the ranking system on v3 I was told that you get skin at that "level", if true then where can I equip it? I've checked on "!zclass" without luck.
  2. Law_Enforcement

    hlxstats point change for V3 suggestion

    V3 gets half the points of V1 V1 = 30 Points max per kill V3 = 15 Points max per kill Everyone who plays for leaderboards play V1, you dont have a chance for a high rank on V3 even with autosniper everyday. Players with Half the kills or even less has more points than the best V3 Player...
  3. Solakug

    Halp! Rank not showing in server chat

    Hi, Well title basically says it all. I am ranked SURWIZURD with +700 points and have been for quite a long while, i recently came back to surfing after nearly a year of pause and my rank does not show in chat anymore. Doing !rank in chat does confirm I still have my rank though. Any way to...