About GDPR! Must Read!!!


7 Jan 2019

Please remove my ip address from https://bans.elite-hunterz.info

IP addresses of everyone are available publicly on bans page. Any person can get information about my ip address and my country. It doesn't matter whether you're a company or not. Any person can reach it! These are personal data and against GDPR rules and also against human rights.

Do you know Google Blogger? You can make your own site on Blogger. If yes you should know, Google is forcing website owners to publish GDPR rules, privacy policy etc.
And these blogs are personal and not a company at all.

How I can sure you're not selling that? Did you ask me "Can we collect and publish your ip information?" If you don't listen GDPR, just respect to human rights. Because no one can publish my ip information without permission.

If you collect personal datas of people without permission, it is problem. However if your publish their ips on public, THIS IS HUGE PROBLEM for human rights and EU.

Please kindly remove or hide my ip address from bans.elite-hunterz.com

What should I do if I think that my personal data protection rights haven’t been respected?
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7 Jan 2019
I can see which country they are living, and what is his/her ip...



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25 Mar 2010
Let me clarify one thing:

IP addresses and their privacy are NOT a human right. lmao...
They might be covered by privacy laws like in Switzerland (where it's a personally identifiable information) or perhaps under GDPR (fuck the EU anyway).

That said, the IPs were listed public for other communities to ban people that committed infractions on our servers, similarly there are other companies that do the same: https://www.stopforumspam.com/downloads is probably the biggest, rest assured that if you commit an infraction on forums with stopforumspam enabled your ip will be on that very public list.

Anyway the purposes of storing those IPs is clearly to identify those that violate the rules just like you, so we will retain them all (legally). Public view is however disabled now, as it's no longer necessary.

Last but not least, you should consider your behavior if you don't want to end up in those lists, not all communities might care so much about your privacy, and the EU has bigger fishes to catch than a small gaming community that wouldn't even be able to pay a fine.