Handled+ Abuse Report: Paw


1 Nov 2012
Admin's Name Paw
Time and date Today 17:19:55
Server v3

30 min GAG for the words
"total shit map win" after the mapvoting!
and the reason for that gag he called it "Admin disrespect"

rlly ?!?!? this is just ridiculous.

he does not like me, I do not like him! but this gag goes too far.

what I want?

-the gag disappears from my blocklist! STEAM_0:1:910176
-and telling this newbie what is a reason to gag and what not
-and what is an admin disrespect and what not

regards and good night


Ex Admin
People started to type things like "Enemy raped.", "iam too retarded to get on the door", "best faggot is dead faggot", "wp idiots" in chat so after several warnings in chat (Don't swear, don't insult other players, respect everybody! Else gag!) (without no effect) i started to gag people to show that i wasn't joking around.
In the gameserver admin knowledge guide it says: "An admin may punish for several things, I’ll make a list of some things: "Rude language: We don’t like it, you have a command to stop it, if a warning doesn’t work then you can COMM ban him"
Though some may say the punishment is a bit harsh, the word "Shit" isn't the best word to use to describe something only moments after an admin has been warning several times in chat to "Don't swear else gag!".
Also i see no reason to remove the gag, because if we look further into your chatlog moments before your gag we can see you've been insulting in german too.

Chatlog: http://stats.elite-hunterz.info/hlstats.php?mode=chathistory&player=84717

Head/Special admins can decide whether the gag stays or not.


Ex Admin
Gag has been removed, but you could try to not be so negative in chat all the time(especially when a lot of people are trying to piss off admins) and stop insulting players.

I don't have a problem with you just so you know, but my tolerance level was quite low at the moment due to all the swearing/insulting in chat.


Retired SPA/HA
Retired SPA/HA
30 Apr 2013
Isla de Muerta
The ban has been removed.
Your chat-log isnt the cleanest and i have sympathy for the admin, but in this case the gag was given for the wrong reason.

And after reading your chatlog i will seriously advice you to cool down your language alot. Next time i will not step in with a chat-log like that

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