Handled Ban Request: Sinconia

Discussion in '(un)ban/un(block) Requests' started by Law_Enforcement, 7 Sep 2019.

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    28 May 2018
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    Name Sinconia
    SteamID U:1:23625053
    Server Zombie Hunting V3
    Time and Date now

    Ban Reason Barricade destroying
    Additional Information
    He shot cade out instantly as he gets chance, at the end of demo he tries to keep shooting cade out but gets rekt by zombies.

    last round he also did it and i tried to find the culprit, we ended up defending corridor and dying thats all because he shoots it out.
    Proof Demo

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  2. TheDude

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    20 Mar 2017
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    I saw the demo and the player "Babayka" threw a nade which destroyed the blockade. "Babayka" also shot some of the soda machines out. The thing I see "Sinconia" do in the end is shoot the chairs which would have barely stopped any zombies as most of the blockade was destroyed by the nade. "Sinconia" might have shot blockades out in earlier rounds but unfortunately I don't see much he could have done to a blockade which was already destroyed.

    I chose to ban Babayka as he was the main reason the blockade got destroyed.
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