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    I think it is time to make plans how we should proceed with the chatbot. Since I don't have so much time left anymore to work on it, I need to prioritize the tasks and see with what features I should start and then work out the details for those features. Therefore I would like to get some more feedback especially from admins what features are preferred. So this is the list of features I currently have in mind:

    • Restricted Language Detector
    • Restricted Language Stats
    • FAQ Bot (English)
    • Warrants
    • Rejoiner Detector
    • Server Command Feedback/Correction
    • H3IsTheOne Detector :-D

    • FAQ Bot (German)
    • Insult Detector
    • Spam Detector

    • Cheater Detection
    • Rulebreaker Detection
    • Unstuck Helper
    • Auto-Recorder
    • Small Talk
    So for now I would mainly focus on features in the Short-Term list, maybe work on preparations for Mid-Termin stuff when I feel like it and got some time for it. So what of those short-term features would be more or less preferred?!
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