Counter-Strike: Infection


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25 Mar 2010
Hello everyone!
It's with great pleasure that I can finally announce Elite-HunterZ's partnership with Valve in the production of their new title:
Counter-Strike: Infection

The game was inspired by the huge success of our community in Counter-Strike: Source and it's for that reason that we will be the first beta testers of the game (release in June 2021) as well as the only official host for the first 3 weeks of open beta (late May)

The game will be free to play and we expect a conspicuous number of players to jump in, for that reason we expect to grow our community by a large number including a lot of new administrators, special admins and even head admins.

If you want to sign up for the closed beta you need to be registered on the forum and click here

I'm very excited for this and I hope you are as well!