Handled+ [CS:S ALL/CS:GO ZM] Protest a punishment: A bunch of idiots with knives

14 Jun 2022
Gamemode [CS:S ALL/CS:GO ZM]

Ingame name A bunch of idiots with knives

SteamID STEAM_0:1:44676986

Ban/Gag reason my nickname is not in https://bans.elite-hunterz.info/

Desired outcome Reduce the length of my punishment

Statement of grounds
I was in game on server
I wanted to invite my friends and sent the link - to the Telegram chat.
Then I accidentally and automatically clicked on the link and an empty window opened in my browser. I closed it.
But when I returned to the game, I saw that I was kicked out of the server and in the console there was an inscription: Disconnect: Added to banned list.
My nickname is not in the list - https://bans.elite-hunterz.info/.
Maybe your defense thought I was trying to hack the server?
It is very strange.

Please unban.


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25 Apr 2019
Hi "A bunch of idiots with knives" and welcome to the forum

As you said your name is not on the recently banned/gagged list, so already there it's a mystery. You are not on the blocked players list either.
What you are describing is the first time I've heard of it and I can't really understand, have you tried to reconnect to the server, if so, what message is displayed ?

I'm thinking of something very silly but you wouldn't have put the server without wanting it in your list of blacklisted servers ? Because the message strongly resembles the message when adding a server to the blacklist
14 Jun 2022
Привет "Куча идиотов с ножами" и добро пожаловать на форум

Как вы сказали, вашего имени нет в списке недавно забаненных/загнанных в рот, так что это уже загадка. Вас тоже нет в списке заблокированных игроков.
То, что вы описываете, я впервые слышу об этом и не могу понять, пытались ли вы переподключиться к серверу, если да, то какое сообщение отображается?

Я думаю о чем-то очень глупом, но вы бы не поместили сервер, не желая, чтобы он был в вашем списке серверов из черного списка? Потому что сообщение сильно напоминает сообщение при добавлении сервера в черный список
The server has disappeared from favorites and history. My blacklist is empty. When trying to connect via console:

Connecting to
Connection failed after 4 retries.

I was able to connect to a nearby server Zombie Hunting V1 by ElitE HunterZ |Looking 4 Admins|Rank|Respawn| -

There are 2 bots.

To the main server - no.
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14 Jun 2022
Hey guys. I just turned on VPN on my computer and changed the IP address. After that I was able to login to the server.

Then I returned my original IP address and I can’t log into the server anymore.

I'm banned by IP address.

Your server security apparently thought I wanted to hack the server. This is a false positive.

The algorithm is simple. You enter the game on the server Then minimize the game to tray using the Windows button. Then in the address bar of the browser, drive in the IP address of your server "" and press enter.

After that, you get a ban on the server by IP address.

Please remove my IP address from the ban list and reconfigure the protection of your server.


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25 Oct 2013
give it 24 hours and 5 min and try again mate.

I am having a deja vu here.

(cant find an IP ban btw)
14 Jun 2022


This morning I was already able to log into the server.
Now everything is fine!
Perhaps the server rebooted at night and the ban was automatically removed.
Thank you!
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