Handled+ [CS:S ALL/CS:GO ZM] Protest a punishment: java


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1 Dec 2020
Gamemode [CS:S ALL/CS:GO ZM]

Ingame name Holydonut

SteamID STEAM_0:1:7792640

Ban/Gag reason teamkilling

Desired outcome Lift my punishment

Statement of grounds
Hello everyone,
I hope you guys are doing well.
Since my last appeal, I have continuously reflected on my actions and I have - since then - changed my behaviour.
That's why I would like to appeal my ban one more time.
If I get another chance, I will no teamkill or troll. Those days are gone and I have learnt my lesson.
Once again, I'd like apologise for my previous actions.
And I sincerely hope I can get another chance to play this great community again.
Thank you


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25 Oct 2013
I remember your case exactly. And I have to admit that I doubt that you will behave better in the future. But EH is a forgiving community. As a last chance I decreased your ban length to 6 months. This said it will expire 2022-11-18 at 23:14:56.

But know: This is a final chance. I will check your behaviour and if i see you teamkilling or teaming again (or being banned for any other reason) I will not hesitate to ban you permanently again - so dont waste this final chance.
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