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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by K4marad, 25 Dec 2020.

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    Just realized that I had spend one more year on your server having fun with fattys and enjoying your growing community, so I do believe that is time to introduce my self.
    Name is Razvan, I am Romanian, but living in Denmark. I have decided to move in this country a long time ago, because it has give me extension possibilities for my life and career. I am 36 years old, and still in school :)) sounds crazy but I had to start over with a part of my education, and that is being a electrician.
    I had started playing Counter Strike from the 1.5 version, played ALOT of 1.6, the hours on my steam profile do not make justice because, I had played the non-steam version for many years and only zombie mod for the source version. The first zm source server I had joined was a server from France, I was hocked instantly with this mod. Then I have found your community and did not left ever since.
    It is not the only game that I play, but it is the only one that I dedicate a lot of my gaming time to.
    Recently I had won on yours Xmas Event 2020 so, I decided to contribute for the server and buy a skin package. I will try support the server, hopefully monthly.
    Thank you ! For keeping this server up and giving us a good time on your servers.
    Happy fatty hunting, giv'em nades, they love it !
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    Same happened to me a decade ago:
    Fatty Merry Xmas!
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    Hey K4marad,

    nice to meet you. I used non-steam for a long time as well to play 1.6 and cs:s. Too bad we will never know how many hours we actually spent with those games :emoji_sweat_smile:
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