How to take and attach a proof to your ban/gag request


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25 Mar 2010
How to add attachments:

1. Make one (Type "record" and a name into the console (obviously)).
2. Get it. (Assuming you're on windows) To find your demo, go into steam and navigate to your games. Next, right click "Counter-Strike: Source", and click on properties. Then navigate to the 'local files' tab in the properties window. You should then see a "BROWSE LOCAL FILES..." button, click that. Once you've done that it should have loaded up a windows explorer. From there, go into the 'cstrike' folder and in there you should see a list of .dem files and .vpk files, find your demo there.
3. (optional) Put this file on your desktop as it's easier to navigate to the desktop

1.Make one (Default button is F12 in steam, press F12 to take a screenshot (obviously))
2.Get it. (Obviously)
3. (optional) Put this file on your desktop as it's easier to navigate to the desktop

That's the obvious part, To upload it onto these forums is simple:

1. Find your request/post on the forum
2. Click on 'edit', then go down and click on the 'Go Advanced' button.
3. Click on the 'Manage Attachments'.
4. Another browser should pop up. from there you just need to click 'Add Files', navigate to your demo/screenshot, and click upload.
5. Once it's uploaded, you can close that window and it should say that your demo/screenshot is attached. If all that is correct just click save changes and you should have successfully uploaded your demo

Credits to Vindictive for writing this!
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