[IMPORTANT] V1 is dying, help us!

Discussion in '[CS:S] EliteHunterZ's ZombieHunting & more' started by Havoc, 18 Apr 2018.

  1. Vıקe®.™

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    27 Apr 2019
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    as i said before, the server need to get some changes its just becoming more boring if its the same all the time if you undrastand what i mean. the server has been like this for long time now. time for new events and updates. it can be for example new skins, like zombie power, faster, invisibly, och giants. i dont mean its becoming overpowerd just to make sure the CT and the Zm are the same level.
  2. Law_Enforcement

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    28 May 2018
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    css still the same as since 2004

    we dont need any updates.
  3. Havoc

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    27 Sep 2014
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    Ah good xD I thought you were actually pissed at me for something, maybe i did too many fun commands on you :D
    Maybe Niko changed it back to same points as for v3, not sure tbh. Sounds strange. @Nikooo777
  4. srb5467

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    9 Dec 2011
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    A big problem these days is that the number of people playing on V1 at a given time is unpredictable. Sometimes a Wednesday evening will have ~30 players for several hours, other times there will be 5 players and a few bots. This then has the issue of the snowball effect "catch 22" - people see the low player count and don't join. It takes a few brave people to join and play against the bots to get the ball rolling. N.B. The bots are far too skilled as humans, and too easy to kill as zombies.
    Related to this is that the window of time when there are a lot of players has become smaller and smaller. It is now generally only between 20:00 and 23:00.

    I don't think there is any magic solution. People move on to other games as has been mentioned. Most of the old players have disappeared. New players are rare because people aren't buying CS:S much anymore, and many people that own it probably don't have it installed. The few new people go straight to V3 because it is one of the most popular servers on CS:S. I think that as V1 is more "old-school", players from V3 are daunted because it doesn't match the play-style that they are used to. They then quickly go back to V3. Unfortunately the two servers are just not interchangeable so I and many others don't like to play there. It's been fun playing on V1 over the years.
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  5. Auxzschach

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    12 Apr 2017
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    There should be planned (in advance) fun evenings/nights. I got inspiration for this from times when on the server, a special admin would make everyone bigger or smaller and we’d have a round in this mode. As fun as these are, it happens randomly so you’re quite lucky to have been there, if not then players unknowingly miss out. Put a continuous reminder in the chat box or in the infobox with the donor info when people join the game, because it's all good to advertise in the forum, not as many people seem to look on here. Anything like resizing/drug mode/knife only rounds would be cool and challenging (in a good way). The best day is Sunday as the player number seems to peak in the evening but also Tuesday evening/night seems to be a popular time out of the weekdays.

    In relation to the end of an event, I saw Wolsman write in the shoutbox a while ago so I’m paraphrasing: frequent top players aren’t awarded and should be at the end before rank reset. I agree and I never thought about it either. If players have been playing fairly and actively hunting, then they are the ones that should be given praise for the whole six month period. It’s easy for most to play for 2 to 3 weeks solidly for an event if you have time. The reward doesn’t have to be anything amazing, but something to thank players for being committed. Or even do a raffle once in a while, out of the active 350 top players for example.

    As mentioned before, the bots are annoying. Their reflexes are too fast, players cannot practise knifing, they harass and follow you around too often. Every time I join I hope human players will connect because it is just so off-putting having to tolerate the bots unless players can trap them in objects. But I am committed to V1 and hope that it will thrive for the rest of the year.
  6. goga2159

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    29 Apr 2013
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    Omg, just now i found this topic, if it is still relevant i would like to offer some points.
    1. Leave only classic maps such as cbble, rush, marbble.
    Respectively reduce the number of played maps
    2. Increase the time of each maps from 20 minutes to 40-60 minutes. The bigger, the better
    As my recent practice shows on v1 the classic maps draws people
    3. Turn off bunny hop. I know maybe this is crazy idea, but we must try.
    The begginers might think this is an unfair advantage
    4. The most important! Carry out clan wars how were you going to do it here: https://forum.elite-hunterz.com/threads/clan-wars-are-you-interested.10545/
    The last event should be the impetus for recovery V1
  7. Shake3012

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    29 May 2019
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    How about make server for 32 players,as the man said above people like classic maps,they are often played,it’s 32 players who have a lot of cool classic maps, maybe it will attract people,mostly before there were only 32 player servers! Not all people like when there are a lot of people on the server and there is meat! Sorry for english:D
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